Monday, August 6, 2007

A Moment In Time

Before heading out to a 5 a.m. after-hours party, my favorite "Third World Fag" Bryanboy fired me off an email asking, "Where were you during the glorious days of Unzipped?" It so reminded me of just how epic, accompanied with movie, Issac's 1994 FW collection truly was. I have yet to attend a show with as much excitement as this one.

Take a look at Linda in her most cavalier moment ever captured on film. Followed by a young, then fresh-faced Kate Moss, a faux-fur wearing Noami Campbell and one of my all time faves Shalom Harlow, whose grace and ease on the catwalk could not be matched. Carla Bruni, Patricia Velasquez, Helena Christensen, Karen Mulder, Veronica Webb, Nikki Taylor and Cindy Crawford (who never quite seemed to master the art of runway.)

The only thing missing from this clip is Christy Turlington, who was the first girl from this era to stop doing shows. The last, of course, was Naomi who would walk through two more generations of girls, clinging desperately to her faded fifteen.

Seeing this again made me nostalgic for days gone by. So to answer the question, I was sitting just as enthralled with the Supermodel phenom as everyone else was at the time. Hanging on their every word.

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Bryanboy said...

It's unfortunate that we probably won't see anything as spectacular as that now or in the near future. Gone are those days when the designers give girls total and complete freedom to shine and interpret clothes in their own way on the runway.

BTW, Kudos to V for having Christy Turlington (and models) grace its cover.