Monday, September 17, 2007

What Up? Mickey Boardman

Mickey Boardman is fierce! He's my new BFF. With a penchant for royalty and a routine gig on VH-1's "The Fabulous Life Of," Mickey manages to not only maintain a busy social calendar, but also serves as Deputy Editorial Director as well as Ambassador to New York City's Paper Magazine.

Dispensing common sense to the
love lorn and fashionably inept, Mr. Mickey sits at the helm of the company's popular website. His style has been described as "alcoholic housewife," he is vegetarian, he loves what he does and he loves his life.

I first noticed Mickey while sitting out in front of V with my morning coffee and cigs. Each day he'd sashay down to Paper, in high-shorts with glittered hand bag and fluorescent shirt. "Hey girl!" I'd screamed, "Hey!" with a friendly wave and smile. I instantly loved him before I even knew who he was.

He's non-judgmental, down-to-earth and most importantly, himself. I love Mickey Boardman!

So whassup girl?

MH: Mr. Mickey here!
JD Ferguson:
Hey doll! Did you see the email from the "straight" porn star?
I can't believe he wants you to pimp whores for him!
I know, I think it's his way of letting me know he's straight, so I don't get any ideas.
Maybe Carol or Alexis can help you out.
JD: So hon, where are you?
At the office obviously.
JD: First a little background. Where's Mr. Mickey from?
Mr. Mickey (note the E) was born in Chicago and grew up in Hanover Park Illinois. A charming suburb just next to Barrington, which is where Cynthia Rowley is from.
How was high-school for you?
I was voted biggest gossip (male) at Hoffman Estates High School.
So I guess it's only fitting that you should end up in fabulous NYC smack dab in the middle of it all.
MM: I was there until I returned from teaching English in Madrid, to discover my parents had moved to Daytona.
JD: Florida!?! Without telling you?
MM: They told me they were going there on vacation because they thought I 'd be traumatized if they moved.
JD: So what did you do?
MM: Stayed for six months and worked at the Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion factory.
JD: Cute boys in Madrid?
MM: My only two boyfriends ever were from Madrid. Ramon and Felix.
JD: Ah, that's sweet. Did you always know you wanted to be fabulous?
MM: Yes I always wanted to be fabulous. I never had a plan of what I wanted to do with my life but I had a very jet set lifestyle in mind.
JD: So what type of guys drive you wild?
MM: Well I have a WIDE range of types but generally I like any man who is a bit of a caricature.
JD: Such as?
MM: I LOVE Indian men mostly and am EXTREMELY popular with the cab drivers of South Asia.
JD: NO! Really? But your so Tiger Tyson.
MM: For example (caricature) I love a really muscly bear or a super skinny rocker or a business man in a fancy suit.
JD: Ah gotcha.
MM: All the classic role play types.
JD: Like a real "look." What role do you play?
MM: I've had sex with about thirty-five taxi drivers.
JD: NO! I love it!
MM: Or more even.
JD: In Asia or NYC?
JD: I guess we've all had our horny rides in taxis with hot drivers.
MM: As for 'role' I'm neither top NOR bottom. I'm all oral.
JD: Ah, a girl after my own heart.
But I have the soul of a bottom.
JD: That's why I love you.


Anonymous said...

But you gays and your taxi drivers!
What are you like?

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Mickey is extra crispy and is my favorite part of Paper magazine!

veritas said...

i first saw mickey on vh1 too, i had heard of him thru the style blogs and then one day i was watching vh1 and he was on there,after that i felt he should have his own show,he definitly puts a good spin on things and knows his gossip,and he's one person that should have a myspace! ,so tell him to get one jd!!,that would be awesome!!!

JADED said...

haha I loved this...

I miss Mr. Mickey!