Thursday, August 16, 2007

What Up? Cecilia Dean

Cecilia Dean is a bad-ass. I first met CD (as we call her) when I arrived at V Magazine years ago. With a confident style and sense of self, I thought she was beyond.

This style maven sits at her desk for hours on end, corresponding with virtually every top tier contemporary art dealer on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as key museum curators and some of the world's highest paying advertisers. Pausing occasionally to open one of the many boxes from designers that come for her weekly, or just to grab a bite to eat. All the while remaining un-assumingly chic.

Cecilia burst on to the scene in 1991 as Co-Founder of Visionaire, with pals James Kaliardos and Stephen Gan, and the rest is history. CD effortlessly sits at the top of some of the industry's most coveted Best Dressed lists, with little notice.

So listen up all you fashion punks around the world! When you flick through mags and see what style is supposed to look like, just know that for this queen, it doesn't get any better than Cecilia Dean.

So Cecilia...What Up?
JD: Cecilia.
Cecilia: Yes JD.
JD: How's the office without me? You able to get through your days?
CD: Yes. With a lot less drama and I don't have anyone asking me annoying questions anymore.
JD: So 16 years of Visionaire, is it still just as exciting?
CD: Even more so.
JD: How have the projects changed since the beginning?
CD: We do more ambitious productions these days experimenting with alot of different formats outside of the realm of publishing.
JD: Well you guys are known for thinking outside of the realm. Is that something your proud of?
CD: Sure.
JD: So how does it feel to be considered such a style icon?
CD: I don't think about that JD.
JD: Well you have to.
CD: No I don't.
JD: Well people are always pining for your photo.
CD: I don't think people are pining.
JD: Hon, take it from someone who has to fight with other
photographers to get shots, people pine.
CD: Okay next question. (as she continues typing)
JD: Who are some of your fashion influences?
CD: Oh good grief. Chris! Brian! who are some of my fashion influences?

We all sit and ponder in silence eventually getting back to whatever it was we were each working on.

JD: Where you going for vacation?
CD: Last month I went to Biarritz for some surfing and then to Trieste to judge a photo competition. There was this one day David and I had breakfast in Biarritz, drove to Barcelona and had lunch and then I took a plane to Venice and then a car to Trieste where I had dinner.
JD: So three meals in three countries in one day. That's fun.
CD: I thought so.
JD: Any exciting issues coming out?
CD: I don't want to talk about issues. Go to if you wanna see what's happening.
JD: Thanks for the home grown tomatoes by the way. Have you been gardening long?
CD: Ever since I moved in to my apt seven years ago. But the tomato crops are really hit or miss, sometimes I'll harvest a hundred and only get five.
JD: Do you only do these cherry tomatoes?
CD: No, I like beefsteaks, orange plum tomatoes, some hybrids, I've done heirlooms in the past. I've done beets, peppers and I have an awesome raspberry bush.
JD: Where?
CD: On My roof.
JD: Well, im still your biggest fan and Im sad I don't get to see your face everyday.
CD: Want some guacamole and spelt crackers?

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The Prophet said...

the style conversation of the year, JD and CD! woo hoo! i love you both!

Bryanboy said...

OMG you got there first! I was gonna post a little collage of Cecilia Dean because she's one of those very few people who nailed her personal style lol. I can't believe she grows tomatoes. CAN'T!!!

Texas said...

Im googling cecilia dean!