Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Catherine Tate: How Very Dare You

One of my favorite things to watch in the UK is the BBC's The Catherine Tate Show. For all you AbFab and Tracey Ullman fans out there, who are long missing a little British sass, your in for a big surprise.

With a multitude of personalities under her belt, of different size, age and yes sex, Catherine brings such beloved characters to life as Lauren-the troubled school girl (who's catch phrase "Am I Bovvered?" can be heard from Piccadilly to Portobello.) And Nan Taylor, the cockney granny who, while appearing to be pleasant, is actually a foul-mouthed racist.

However my favorite is Derek Faye. Reminiscent of SNL's Pat, a heavily made-up Tate takes over the body of a bald overly-effiminate man, who is constantly outraged at everyones assumption he is gay. "How very dare you!" he exclaims from one episode to the next. You'll quickly fall in love with this little closeted gay man who lives with his mum and is intolerant of the "impertinence" he finds in all he encounters.

And if Lauren, Nan and Derek aren't enough, be sure to check out Moo Shepherd, Georgia Geordie or Margaret, the woman who reacts violently to common noises. Hystair!

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Anonymous said...

this is my fave show
every character she does keeps me in stitches