Friday, August 31, 2007

Princess Diana

Having been anointed to memorialize Diana for the 10th anniversary marking her death, Prince Harry confidently steps up to the plate and delivers not only a heartfelt remembrance of his "Mum," but proves again why the legacy of her life will always remain the outstanding way in which she raised her children.

Meanwhile, with all the hoopla surrounding the date, more details have come to light in regards to that fatal night. From where I'm sitten', I'd say Henri Paul (the drag racing drunk) is responsible for Diana's death.

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Cuttin' up with Stephen and Kiko.

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Request Models

I have mad love for Request Models. Unlike the "bigger" agencies, they always get back to you promptly (with zero attitude) and I love their guys!

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GAY! GAY! GAY! I bet he's wishin' he wouldn't have vetoed every gay equality amendment to cross his desk the last few years. With his arrest tapes released to the media, we find (R) Senator Larry Craig in denial, sparring with an interrogation officer who, I'm sorry whether he's gay or not, was a bit of a prick.

How's that feelin' Senator Craig?

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Face: Aric

How yummy is this kid? I recently cast Aric in a story I was shooting and decided to have him over for some fun. He is 20 years old, from the Midwest and he is with Red Models.

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Vlada Roslyakova

I was not familiar with Vlada Roslyakova when I first arrived backstage. However, after watching her work the runway and then playing with her at Chanel, I am since a huge fan. She is quintessential Russian Princess for me and I always look forward to seeing her.

Vlada is with Women.

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Major Models

I love running in to Major's men backstage. They know what it takes to get the job done and they're sexy as hell!

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Has anyone seen this show?

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Up? Ryan Schira

How cute is Ryan Schira? I have to admit when I first shot the, then sixteen year old, I was a little scared of myself. Could I really be attracted to a sixteen year old boy? Well, since covering him as my favorite crush for V Magazine, it turns out a LOT of people find this little cutie appealing.

After years of not seeing him, our paths crossed backstage at Kim Jones and the love affair was re-born. However, he was now nineteen. Adorable as ever, I was happy to see he was doing so well. I have not received as much positive feedback about any one person I have written about as I have Ryan Schira.

He recently popped by my pad to let me grab a shot of him (which we nailed in the first frame) and then hung out for a chat. Born in the Bronx, Ryan attended College in Boston, where he studied Audio Production and Sound Engineering. Music is his passion and he remains grateful for all the opportunities and good times modeling has afforded him.

He is the most natural person I have ever spoke with and remains, to this day, my all-time favorite crush.

So what up Ryan?
JD Ferguson: So Ryan, how thrilled am I to have you here right now?
Ryan Schira: Are you?
JD: HELLO?!? Everyone knows your my favorite crush.
RS: News to me.
JD: Are you scared?
RS: I think you say that to all your favorites.
JD: I shot you back when you were sixteen. You were the first guy I shot that was so young and I was actually a little scared of myself while shooting you.
RS: Ha! I didn't know what the hell I was doing then, still don't really.
JD: How did it feel to be sixteen and in NYC city shooting for a top fashion mag with a crazy queen for a photographer?
RS: Well being from the Bronx, the NYC aspect was not there for me, but as far as being sixteen and being shot for a fashion mag, I didn't think you were crazy. I grew up under very open-minded circumstances.
JD: How so?
RS: I have a large extended family with many gay relatives. My best-friend in high school was gay, so it's always just been life. Love is love.
JD: Really? Did you always know he was gay?
RS: No. It actually took him a year to tell me, he thought I'd be critical.
JD: And were you?
RS: No, we were closer afterwards because of that trust.
JD: Ah, that's so sweet. I wish I had you as a friend when I was getting my ass kicked all through high-school.
JD: Your're in a band.
RS: Yes music is actually my passion.
JD: Wait, before we get in to that, how have you enjoyed modeling so far? What's it been like for you?
RS: It's been fantastic. Traveling is absolutely amazing, I've been able to go a lot of places I never would have and I've met a lot of great people.
JD: Well you've done really well. You're a favorite of Kim Jones and Alasdair McLellan, which isn't too bad.
RS: They are my favorites as well, they've helped me through the learning process these last three years.
JD: Have you worked with them a lot?
RS: I worked with Alasdair eight or nine times my first two years and I just saw him in London. Kim is like family to me, I just spent two weeks at his pad in the UK.
JD: Do you have a girlfriend?
RS: I do not. Probably because I travel a lot.
JD: Want one?
RS: You're my only love.
JD: What are some of your favorite countries?
RS: I love London. Vienna is beautiful and very different than I expected and you can never complain about working in Hawaii, if you can call that work.
JD: Okay your band. What's the name? What do you play? What kind of music is it?
RD: "Love Kills Boy," rhythm guitar and lead vocals and it's a Screamo Emo Rock Band.
JD: Really, you sing?
RS: I try.
JD: What's a Screamo Emo rock band?
RS: Heartfelt lyrics with a hard edge.
JD: And do those heartfelt lyrics come from you?
RS: Ya, I actually write most of the lyrics and then the rest is kind of my younger brother Devan. He's the bassist.
JD: And how often are you guys able to get together, since your always traveling?
RS: Not as often as we'd like.
JD: Is it all dependent on your schedule?
RS: Usually, but everyone in the band is still in school. I'm the one who's job got in the way.
JD: And your from Boston?
RS: No, the Bronx, school in Boston. High School in Manhattan, College in Boston.
JD: And what did you study?
RS: Audio Production and Sound Engineering, balancing my musical knowledge or lack there of.
JD: So what do you want to be when you grow up?
RS: I don't want to grow up. But I'd like to be involved in music, that's for sure.
JD: Well I still think you are precious. How does it feel to know that all these queens in fashion are lusting after you?
RS: Keeps me working. (laughs)

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Cupid's Arrow

Just let me know if any of you are needing to be set up. I seem to play the role of matchmaker pretty well. I introduced my favorite little hipster pal Davide Flinn to my kid sis Georgia Frost and they have been inseparable ever since.

In addition to my arrow, they have actually been shot as a couple several times and I think they are adorable!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

DNA Models

DNA always gets it right.

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Derek Orrell

I first met Request's Derek Orrell backstage in the fall of 2006. I have since shot him a few times, but had not seen him in quite awhile. That is until he turned up at a casting I held the other day, looking better than ever.

The place lit up when he walked in. The girls at the Magazine went crazy. The stylist said to me, "That kid should just skip modeling and go straight to Hollywood."
And you know, it's so true.

Loaded with personality this kid has charisma that I haven't seen since Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise. He's amazing this boy. Don't be surprised if in five years you hear me sayin, "I told you so."

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Monday, August 27, 2007


As often as Roger Federer appears on the arm of Anna Wintour, she should just do a bag in his likeness.

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Outtakes: Damien Crosse

Damien Crosse has one of the most beautiful endowments I've ever seen. My god. Unfortunately, he was deep in love when I shot him and it was actually his other half who I myspace-ed with about including Damien in the series. As one of Titan's leading men, his gorgeous uncut nine-incher has afforded him super star status as one of the industry's hottest tops. I loved shooting him, though I must admit, at times it felt like torture.

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