Monday, August 6, 2007


So are you ready for this? Turns out my online demographic is twinks in their twenties! I love it! I have to admit when younger guys started showing me attention I freaked. But then I remembered, when I was in my twenties I always thought older guys were hot. So I figured I should embrace it and be thankful anyone's checking me out at all!

This cute little guy turned up on my myspace page, via Los Angeles.


Bryanboy said...


when i was in my late teens, most of the people who hit on me were the oldies.

now that i'm in my mid-twenties, 99% of the guys who hit on me are twinks... guys 16-20 years old. it's kinda sickening to an extent.

i swear to god, it won't be long until i turn myself straight.

The Prophet said...

I am part of the minority;

Anonymous said...

bryanboy straight? ha...

Bryanboy said...


i know, right?

well if it's any consolation, one of the reasons why i turned the princess that i am now is because when i was 17 i went on holiday to glasgow. i got soo drunk one night, this girl from the street came up to me, we went to the gay club, we had sex in the toilets and i didn't use a condom; the sheer thought of me having some half-caste mixed raced spawn somewhere is pure HORROR so to sort of redeem myself, i decided to turn gay.

let's face it, one good look at me and there is NO WAY IN HELL someone can chase me for child support.

Anonymous said...

JD- HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cameron Dallas DuPre said...


i love it.

I made that on a whim, funny it got attention.

now what do I do about getting rid of this "twink" tag lol.......

much love

Steven said...

JD, you're hot no matter what.