Monday, July 16, 2007

Outtakes: Chris Rockway

Several months ago I was booty called via text message from a rather famous porn star."In town. One day. Same number." Known for his XL endowment, he had grown quite accustomed to my legendary skills. So of course I had to call my girlfriend Mickey Boardman over at Paper Magazine and rub it in her face that those infamous 11" would once again be mine.

"Shoot him! Shoot him! And then interview him!", she shrieked.

So I did. Well, sort of. Those particular 11" didn't make it on the plane, so I called in a pinch hitter (another 11") thus kicking off Papermag's feisty Friday series "JD Ferguson Presents the Porn Stars." Every Friday they post a photo and interview of whomever I happen to get my hands on that week. The following Monday, I will post a few of my own. And I must say, as tempting as it is to post the x-rated shots (What? You thought I only shot them in underwear?), I'm gonna make you wait for the book.

Jumpstarting my very own "Outtakes" series is Randy Blue superstar Chris Rockway, who I have since become completely obsessed with. What a beefy hunk he is and 100% man, which we L-O-V-E! He was very cool and I enjoyed picking his brain about what it's like to be straight and doing gay porn.
And as if having the opportunity to shoot Chris Rockway wasn't enough he was accompanied by his on-screen "partner in crime" and my second favorite thing about online porn.

Needless to say the three of us had a good time. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Holy Shit!!!
Go to for more. GREAT BLOG CUTIE

chase said...

All I can say is just HOT!

RANDY said...


cj said...

What's not to be obsessed about? He's a KEEPER!

Anonymous said...

Chris is a hottie. I shot his very first porn and I have to tell you - just being in the same room as Chris (when he's naked). There's nothing like it.
Jon Royce

AwfuTruth said...

Chris is bisexual and loves men - literally. This rubbish about him being straight is a denial issue. I hope Chris, with his extreme male beauty, leaves the porn industry to be my personal slave - some hope! ;-) Lol