Friday, July 27, 2007

Obedient Sons

Reminiscent of old school rugby clubs, Obedient Sons' S/S 08 Kingstown Mutiny collection shapes up more like a day in the Hamptons for young men with style than a downtown menswear line. Which is what it is.

The legendary unisex Kingstown Mutiny Rugby Team hailed from a close-knit community around Kingstown, North Carolina, and participated in the International Tournament of the Isles. Designer Swaim Hutson designed this collection to respect their rebellious attitude and strict gamesmanship, which is reflected in the precision tailoring and unique appeal.

This collection is as sophisticated as it is diverse, with everything from drop-shoulder jackets, athletic sportswear, long cardigan vests, sweat pants (both cut-off and full length) to hoodies, crew-neck jumpers, tanks and tees. And if all that isn't enough they even do short suits complete with cumber bun and bow-tie. What a range!

This unisex collection debuts during NYC Fashion Week on September 7th. See you there!

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we could grow up together said...

pink shorts are the ultimate cuteness.