Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dinner at KT's

KT Auleta is not only known for taking beautiful photographs, but did you know she can also whip up a mean bowl of pasta? Every so often my favorite gal pal invites all of us "recipe inept" over for an impressive spread and a good time, complete with bow-tie and red wine. Unfortunately the camera didn't come out until late in the night so many who were present did not make it on film.

The diners at hand included Sloan Laurtis, Neal Fenton, Kate Sennert, James Valeri, Alex Hawgood, Maki Rioke, Patrik Ervell, Elizabeth Yarborough, Shun Watanabe, Brian Molloy and half a dozen hipsters I was too out of it to introduce myself to.

That obnoxious person ducking from my lens is none other than Alex Hawgood, who whether I'm chasing him around art openings or during fashion week, never lets me take his picture. Evidently this has rubbed off on Patrik
(who's just as shy as he is cute), in trying to get him to let me snap a shot using Elizabeth's hair as a wig. So thanks Hawgood.

And thank you KT, for another fun night!

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