Friday, July 13, 2007

BUTT #20

I f-king love BUTT Magazine! It's like the chic handbook for gays in the know. And not just the bubble butt bottoms over in Chelsea (though they are people too). But like art fags and fashion queens, chubby chasers and twinks, bears and trannies and hot boys from Paris to Peru. It seems you can always tell who "gets it" or not by whether they are aware of this pocket-sized pink pub that sits on the cutting edge of all that is now. Here's what BUTT had to say about this summer's must have:

"It’s a special summer L.A. issue. Went there, seen it, done that, and made an issue that’s dedicated to all the dudes that make L.A. the special place it is for fags who don’t want to grow up. There are interviews with Jeff Burton, Javier Peres, and Gore Vidal, amongst others, as well as contributions by BUTT buddies like Matthias Vriens, prvtdncr and Dino Dinco."

1 comment:

Jason said...

Ihanks for including us "art fags" and thanks for including Butt.
Keep up the good work. Big fan.