Saturday, July 21, 2007

Soccer Saturday

Who knew hipsters and models could play soccer? I was less surprised to see my favorite model Arthur K playing than the bearded artists from the East Village, who normally don a pair of black skinny jeans. If you were anywhere near the West Side on Saturday, then surely you noticed all the excitement coming from the ADIDAS-sponsored 6th Annual Fanatic Tournament on the rooftop of Pier 40.

With such teams as Nom de Hooligans, The Tokion Sports and Leisure Club, FC Vice, BIG Magazine (aka Real Big) and Tribeca Grand & Cafe Gitane, there was plenty to gawk at. Not to mention the killer music, BBQ, kegs of beer and most of all cute boys.
Be sure to check out the Polish hottie in the purple shirt. LOVE!

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scottmeriam said...

What team do you play for?