Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flashback: Dillon Arango

Years ago I shot 18 year-old Dillon Arango. If not for his father's insisting he attend medical school, I am certain this 6' 1" Columbian hottie would have graced the catwalks of the world's top designers. Dillon still takes bookings through Elite Miami, but for me, he will always be the one that got away.

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Perez Hilton

Having never been a fan of Paris Hilton, it's clear why I would not have any interest in checking out a website devoted to her namesake. However, after reading Sunday's piece in The New York Times on the self-proclaimed "Queen of all Media," I thought I'd log on and see what all the fuss was about.

I don't know much about this West Coast queen, but having spent some time with my bong going through his site, I think he's hysterical. Who cares what he looks like or that he draws little white trails of cocaine on people's faces? He has obviously been smart enough (in this celebrity-obsessed, media-driven world we live in) to fill a void and strike gold with what has turned out to be a very lucrative niche.

I'm glad there's a Perez Hilton to say all the things everyone's thinking. Who else is going to put all those over-inflated egos in check? And if the Hollywood celebrities are now not wanting to lie in the beds they've made, then they should just do us all a favor and disappear.

After laughing my ass off at the post he did on Lauren Hill, you can expect his daily 2.6 million worldwide hits to go to 2.6 million and one! There, I said it. I'm a Perez Hilton fan.

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Anna Mania

It's here!

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Monday, July 30, 2007

Outtakes: Tiger Tyson

It doesn't get any more THUG than Brooklyn born and raised, local Puerto Rican boy, Tiger Tyson. After weeks of juggling our schedules, we were finally able to meet up. Tyson is not only laid back, but shares my love for the savory taste of a good blunt, making for a very chill afternoon. Cornering the market on homeboy porn, this young industry vet not only has a cult following but an entertainment empire that bares his name. For all of you out there who have been requesting a little "flava," this one's for you!

Tiger's outtakes left me questioning my "no nudity" policy. You would not believe!

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Creepy Candy

OMG! Leave it to Style.com to add another feature to their site as a way to bombard us with yet more annoying ads. However this one is a MUST SEE! Or hear, rather. It's called "Candycast" and it's basically Style.com's very own Candy Pratts Price sitting in her office dictating, "What we love and what we want!" It's so creepy to watch an animated Candy while listening to that voice, but I must warn you her enthusiasm is contagious.

"Take a look at grey!", she exclaims. "Always chic, always right and always, always mandatory!" Hysterical.

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Hollywood Royalty

What does that even mean? And now Jada Pinkett Smith's got her face all up in there? Ugh...

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Obedient Sons

Reminiscent of old school rugby clubs, Obedient Sons' S/S 08 Kingstown Mutiny collection shapes up more like a day in the Hamptons for young men with style than a downtown menswear line. Which is what it is.

The legendary unisex Kingstown Mutiny Rugby Team hailed from a close-knit community around Kingstown, North Carolina, and participated in the International Tournament of the Isles. Designer Swaim Hutson designed this collection to respect their rebellious attitude and strict gamesmanship, which is reflected in the precision tailoring and unique appeal.

This collection is as sophisticated as it is diverse, with everything from drop-shoulder jackets, athletic sportswear, long cardigan vests, sweat pants (both cut-off and full length) to hoodies, crew-neck jumpers, tanks and tees. And if all that isn't enough they even do short suits complete with cumber bun and bow-tie. What a range!

This unisex collection debuts during NYC Fashion Week on September 7th. See you there!

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Bryanboy Mug Shots

Thank god for all the young Hollywood messes out there.
I don't know what my favorite "Third World Fag"
Bryanboy would do if he wasn't able to keep his FAB-U-LOUS Mug Shot Series going. Do yourself a favor and check out his website, it's f*cking hystair!

How fierce is this little queen?

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Face: Caleb

Check out this little hottie! His name is Caleb Halstead, he's from Iowa and he's with IMG.

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Lagerfeld Blues

By the time Paris rolled around, everyone had been sick but me. As the only collections I would be shooting in Paris were Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel, I was looking forward to three days of Parisian "play" between the two shows. Unfortunately it didn't work out that way. It was time to pay the Piper, or the fat lady, or whoever it is you pay when your number's up.

If it wasn't for the homeopathic whatever it was Karl kept having Sebastian give me, I never would've made it through the week. For three days I laid in my hotel room wrapped around the toilet (which is where I slept), burning up with a fever, only moving for the chicken broth that room service brought up twice a day. I had watched them drop like flies the past few weeks. Each new country, each new show, each girl eventually fell victim. In fact, I can't think of a single girl over the month of February that wasn't sick at one time or another.

Thank GOD it happened the last week of the shows, with three free days between the two. By the morning of Chanel it was all gone. Regardless of how much fun I had backstage at this show, whenever I see these photos I instantly feel a fever coming on.

Go to jdvision.net for more pics from this show.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I think Rihanna's cool. I remember seeing her host some MTV thingy on the tube one night and I thought she was a fresh alternative to all the blondes that were being crammed down our throats at the time. With catchy tunes such as "SOS" and "Ponce de Replay", this Bajan born beauty reaches new heights with her recent summer hit "Umbrella", featuring Jay-Z.

If your a fan, check out her interview in this month's Paper Magazine. You can read about how she wants to be the next Madonna. Can you imagine...wanting to be like Madonna?

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Dinner at KT's

KT Auleta is not only known for taking beautiful photographs, but did you know she can also whip up a mean bowl of pasta? Every so often my favorite gal pal invites all of us "recipe inept" over for an impressive spread and a good time, complete with bow-tie and red wine. Unfortunately the camera didn't come out until late in the night so many who were present did not make it on film.

The diners at hand included Sloan Laurtis, Neal Fenton, Kate Sennert, James Valeri, Alex Hawgood, Maki Rioke, Patrik Ervell, Elizabeth Yarborough, Shun Watanabe, Brian Molloy and half a dozen hipsters I was too out of it to introduce myself to.

That obnoxious person ducking from my lens is none other than Alex Hawgood, who whether I'm chasing him around art openings or during fashion week, never lets me take his picture. Evidently this has rubbed off on Patrik
(who's just as shy as he is cute), in trying to get him to let me snap a shot using Elizabeth's hair as a wig. So thanks Hawgood.

And thank you KT, for another fun night!

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